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Kort internationaal nieuws 16 maart 2012

  • S3 Group Selected as Design Partner on Europe’s Largest Chronic Disease Management Program

    S3 GroupS3 Group, a global enabler of scalable chronic disease management programs, announced that Telbios, technical and service provider of Buongiorno CReG, Europe’s largest chronic disease service, has chosen them to provide design and consultancy services to enable the launch of the service in four health trust areas of Milano, Como, Bergamo and Milano-2.

  • Biomarkers: New Tools of Modern Medicine

    Over the last few decades there has been an explosion in the discovery of biomarkers for diagnosis, disease monitoring, and prognostic evaluation. In the April issue of Translational Research, entitled “Biomarkers: New Tools of Modern Medicine,” an international group of medical experts explores the promise and challenges of biomarker discovery and highlights the latest advances in the use of biomarkers in various diseases.

  • IBM’s Biomedical Analytics Platform Helps Doctors Personalize Treatment

    IBMIBM (NYSE: IBM) has developed a unique new biomedical analytics platform for personalized medicine that will enable doctors to better advise on the best course of medical treatment. This will lead to smarter and more personalized healthcare in a wide-range of areas, including cancer management, hypertension, and AIDS care.

  • Virtual Pharmacist Service Nominated for the 2012 European SME eHealth Competition

    The Swedish virtual pharmacist service has been nominated for the 2012 European SME eHealth Competition which honors the best innovations within eHealth in Europe. With the support of the ICT for Health Unit at the European Commission, the best eHealth solutions of 2012 produced by small and medium enterprises in EU will be rewarded.

  • Smart and Sustainable Healthcare Needs Smart Procurement

    EucomedAppropriate procurement mechanisms, whereby small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have equal opportunities, innovation is stimulated, and Europe’s market attractiveness and competitiveness upheld, can contribute significantly towards sustainable European healthcare systems, with safe, more efficient innovations being available to more people.

  • Parascript Offers Greater Accuracy in Detecting Breast Cancer

    ParascriptParascript, LLC, an image analysis and pattern recognition technology provider, announced that its AccuDetect® Galileo computer-aided detection software for digital mammography showed better overall performance in detecting breast cancer in a recent retrospective study against iCad’s SecondLook.

  • Call for Innovative Health Technologies and eHealth Solutions for Low-Resource Settings

    Medical devices and eHealth solutions have the potential to improve lives. However, too many people worldwide suffer because they don’t have access to the appropriate health technologies. This call highlights the importance of these innovative technologies towards improved health outcomes and the quality of life.

  • WHO Compendium 2011 of New and Emerging Health Technologies
    WHO Compendium 2011 of New and Emerging Health Technologies

    The compendium of new and emerging technologies that address global health concerns has been created as a neutral platform for technologies which are likely to be suitable for use in low-resource settings. It is released to encourage the dialogue between ministries of health, procurement officers, donors, technology developers, manufacturers, clinicians, academics and the general public. In doing so, WHO aims at raising awareness of the pressing need for appropriate design solutions, and for further development and technology dissemination.

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